Is Vegetable Glycerine better than Propylene Glycol?


When the prototype came up from China in 2004, electronic cigarettes created a storm. The inherent atomizer vaporized e-liquid and the flavors mixed with water to vapor out. The carriage of water vapor and enabling of the process at low temperature needed a catalyst and Propylene Glycol (PG) was the instant answer.

However, one cannot ignore that PG is an anti-freezing agent with high level of toxicity and is also a carcinogen. Thus, health authorities came up in flames against e-cigarettes, FDA being the most notable of the authorities.

The considered alternative

It has since been considered to replace PG with Vegetable Glycerine (VG) whose non-carcinogenic credentials is beyond question.

There is not the issue of allergy, which is sometimes the case with PG. Both have different origins (VG is derived from plants and PG is organically created in labs) and VG is a better choice if one has serious concern about his health. However, it would be ironic because such people won’t normally cater to smoking or vaping.

Points that favor PG

PG is an anti-freezing agent, an emulsifier and a moisturizer. It is abundantly used in many household items and some like toothpaste tend to teeth. It has been approved by FDA on those counts, so the debate about its use in e-cigs doesn’t cut much ice.

It gives a better throat hit than VG. Chain smokers understand the importance of throat hit and will be reluctant to switch to e-cigs that utilize VG. Its anti-freezing quality ensures better atomizing and conduction of flavors. This act is not carried with as much authority by VG. VG e-cigs are costlier than PG e-cigs.

Points that favor VG

It’s essentially non-carcinogenic and non-allergic attribute tilts the debate in its favor. It also produces thicker and more consistent vapors. It’s natural derivation makes PG a healthy additive. VG doesn’t cause any irritation in the windpipe that PG tends to.

Emission ridden with VG will be totally harmless while PG emission has some dread allocated to it.

What’s the take?

E-cigarettes are effectually conceived to take over from actual cigarettes and thus reduce the deaths that traditional cigarettes cause. However, that requires palpable shifting of chain smokers from actual to electronic versions.

They are less likely to switch to VG cigarettes than PG cigarettes. Both VG and PG are safe when inhaled or ingested; that much is confirmed by FDA. Actually, a combination of both containing 80% Pg and 20% Vg has been found to answer most questions and also produce desirable throat hits. Ideally, it will be better to remove both and think of other ways to facilitate the atomizing process. On actual count, Vegetable Glycerine is a better choice but Propylene Glycol is more practical.

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