How Electronic Cigarettes Can Help You Quit Smoking

You cannot exactly give the analogy of ‘Beauty and the Beast’, but there is a decisive difference between effects of traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Thus, even if e-cigarettes can make a small percentage of people quit smoking, it will render a positive service. Records however say a different story, and in a positive light. The increasing popularity of e-cigarettes clearly indicates the rate at which traditional smokers are switching to e-cigarettes.

Cigarettes vs e-cigs

A word about the critics

Critics do come with ambiguous faults that e-cigarettes include nicotine and anti-freezing agents such as Diethylene Glycol and Propylene. Their refreshing peppermint or lavender flavor attracts new kids too towards the habit. You can safely discern FDA’s last-ditch attempt at maligning a truly wonderful invention. After all, you cannot expect habitual smokers to turn pious overnight. They will require some resembling object to switch to; and some essences cannot altogether be removed. However, it has been analyzed that the percentage content of these harmful agents is too little to cause any problems.

The passion of cigarette smokers

It is a known fact that smokers get addicted to traditional cigarettes in time, the reasons being many. There is the psychoactive touch of nicotine, present in high percentage in traditional cigarettes. There is the heroic blaze at the front-end.

You inhale the smoke, which may be harmful, but is highly relieving for those who care, at least in the initial stage. Add to that, cigarettes keep your hands and lips busy, forcing you to think that you require this stimulus to engage in your daily activities. Thus, chain smokers feel a void in their life, when they have to stay off from cigarettes even for a day or two. It comes cheap as well and gradually becomes your fond passion.

How do e-cigarettes wean smokers?

E-cigarettes are built with the same frame, and even hold a flashing LED. You even inhale vapors and let out steam, thus mimicking actual cigarettes in many ways. The presence of flavors makes it enticing and nicotine content keep smokers happy. In actuality, there is a vaporizer liquid trapped inside the body that steams up when charge is induced through atomizer. The stub has sensors that activate when you go for a puff.

Thankfully, the vapor is completely odorless and wanes out rapidly, placing a smile on contiguous people. Since you get a similar device to smoke, you tend to make the switch. Its electronic concept is also a healthy attractive reason for the switch. It comes cheaply when you account for the longevity (a suggestive fact for chain smokers). Thus, in effect, you refrain from actual smoking and gradually turn to e-cigarettes. Many celebrities like Katherine Heigl are in fact bucking the trend.

Certain things to change

It will be great if an age bar is imposed on its purchase, thus rooting out children from its fold. Successive e-cigarettes should also do away with anti-freezing agents, largely used to make the vapor visible and thus the device more substantial. With some other proactive changes, e-cigarettes will be on the path to glory and may even please FDA.