Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

In the last few years, many people have realized the importance of switching to electronic cigarettes to avoid numerous health risks of traditional tobacco cigarettes, and even save some money. People have been looking for many different alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes. According to most studies and researches, electronic cigarettes have emerged to be the most popular alternatives. They offer numerous benefits and help smokers quit their addiction.

Electronic cigarettes are much eco-friendly and healthier. In recent years, many brands of e-cigarettes have emerged in the market. You can easily choose from a lot of different brands. However, one brand that has been immensely popular is Green Smoke.

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Green Smoke e-cigarettes contain nicotine, water and propylene. These electronic cigarettes have a very simplistic design, which still looks very stylish. Electronic cigarettes from Green Smoke come with a rechargeable battery and replaceable cartridge.

The cartridge available with this electronic cigarette contains an atomizer, which is used to vaporize nicotine. Due to this, smokers are able to inhale nicotine very smoothly without producing any smoke. Since there is no smoke, you will also be able to use Green Smoke e-cigarettes in restricted areas and public places. In this Green Smoke review, let us first talk about different kits.

Various Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes Kits

Here is a brief overview of the different kits produced by Green Smoke :

Pro Kit – This kit from the brand offers a very high smoke volume and rich flavor. The Pro kit contains everything to keep you satisfied. It comes with various components for a perfect vaping experience. Moreover, you will also get a deluxe fit carry case which is completely free. This portable carry case can fit inside your pocket without any problems. Price – $99.97.

Express Kit – If you’re a first time smoker who likes to smoke on a casual basis, this kit will be perfect for you. It is considered to be a beginners’ kit. The Express kit from Green Smoke comes with cartomizers, battery, USB cigarette and home charging kit. This kit is also available with a free portable carry case. Price – $59.97.

Ultimate Kit – The Ultimate kit is one of the most popular choices from this brand. It comes with an additional USB charger and extra battery. Even this kit comes with a free portable carry case. The Ultimate kit contains 2 electronic cigarettes, attached cartridges, slots for extra 3 electronic cigarettes and USB charger. The Ultimate Kit is available in brown, black and tan color.

Love Birds Kit – As the name suggests, the Love Birds kit contains twice the quantity of every component. In other words, this kit contains two short batteries, two long batteries and two electronic cigarettes. Besides this, the Love Birds kit also contains two car adapters, flavormax cartomizers and wall adapters. It also comes with a free portable carry case.

Every Green Smoke review on the internet talks about the high quality of these electronic cigarettes. One cartridge costs just $2.95. Some people consider it to be a bit more expensive, but fail to realize that Green Smoke refill is available with an atomizer. In addition to this, refills from Green Smoke can easily last for over 400 drags. It is worth mentioning that this is almost double than what is offered by other companies available in the market.


The best part is that Green Smoke e-cigarettes are available in a lot of different flavors. Some popular flavors from the brand include menthol, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, strawberry, apple and regular tobacco. As mentioned earlier, Green Smoke e-cigarettes don’t produce any bad odor, ash or smoke.

Warranty & Guarantees

Most of the electronic cigarette brands available in the market offer a couple of year warranties. However, unlike these brands, Green Smoke offers a lifetime warranty. In addition to this, every kit comes with a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the vaping experience, you can simply contact the customer support and ask for a refund. This explains the superior quality of Green Smoke electronic cigarettes.


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  • Disposable pack

As discussed in this Green Smoke review, these e-cigarettes use latest technology and long lasting battery. Moreover, electronic cigarettes from this brand come with an affordable disposable cartridge. Due to this, Green Smoke e-cigarettes are one of the best in the market. With these electronic cigarettes, you will be able to effortlessly switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to healthier e-cigarettes.