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Smokers Angel Discount


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Smokers Angel promo code Will Expire Soon

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Smokers Angel discount

This is it – the best Vaping product on the market. Whether you are looking to try E-Cigarettes for the first time or are looking for a better product, you can’t do much better than Smokers Angel Halo from E-Cigarette Direct. E-Cigarette Direct is currently offering a huge discount on their Smokers Angel Halo starter pack, which is one of the best products on the market.

I have tried products by FastTech, VaporFi, and other companies, and can assure you that Smokers Angel Halo is the superior product. The durability is what one immediately notices – these devices are far less fragile than others.

One cannot exactly throw the Smokers Angel against a brick wall and expect it to continue to work, but it will last. Other products seem designed to break. The Smokers Angel Halo is quite noticeably different.

The Smokers Angel Halo can be purchased for 19.99 pounds, and comes with a case, a charger, two cartridges, and a rechargeable battery – a standard price for a much more reliable product. The device looks like a cigarette – there is no strange, experimental appearance here.

The battery lasts somewhat longer than other devices of similar price, and creates a large volume of vapor. Additional batteries, which do come in handy, can be purchased for 8.50 pounds.

Two cartridges are included with the purchase. These are high capacity rather than standard size. The Smokers Angel cartridges are about even in price with those offered by other companies. The Smokers Angel comes with tobacco flavored cartridges, but one can buy a variety of other flavors.

Another plus is that Smokers Angel products are protected by warranty and include responsive customer service. Not only do I recommend this device for those new to E-Cigarettes, but to users looking for a superior product.

The devices simply do not fall apart on their own. The company is interested in offering a better product, not forcing us to repeatedly replace parts. A cheap investment in a Smokers Angel Halo will save you money in the long run. Those using the code can currently save you on the Smokers Angel Halo device for a limited time.